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Glengollon Retirement Village


电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build aims to create respectful and comfortable environments when undertaking retirement village refurbishment projects. We understand the need for independent living facilities to be efficient, safe and friendly environments and as such ensure workmanship is of the highest possible quality. With resident care being of the utmost importance 电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build works closely with clients to ensure minimal disruption to the day to day operations of the facilities when undertaking upgrades and refurbishments.

With an ageing population, stringent government standards and increasing health and lifestyle requirements independent living has become a niche area within the commercial building sector, as such it is important that you choose a builder with experience and an impeccable record. 电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build is such a company. With over eighteen years’ experience within the building & construction industry.

电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build already has a strong relationship with Churches of Christ Care, Royal Freemasons, and Glengollon retirement village who offer Retirement Living & Residential Aged Care centres to include:
• Cheltenham • Essendon • Oakleigh • Murrumbeena

Standard features applied by 电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build when refurbishing bathrooms for improved independence within retirement or aged care communities can include:

• Horizontal and vertical grab rails, comfort rails, side assist rails, twin assist grab rails.
• Foldable shower seats.
• Floor mount or wall mount backrest for back support.
• Age care shower kits.
• Increase shower size for easier wheelchair access.
• User friendly bathroom tapware.
• Non slip bathroom floor tiles.