电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build is a market leader in all domestic and commercial repairs and maintenance. 电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build has provided maintenance for real estate agencies such as RT Edgar and Abercromby Armadale.

电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build also provides its services to the public sector. Services include painting and resurfacing, the repair of bathrooms and balcony leaks, right through to full renovation projects. 电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build are specialists in the rebuild and replacement stemming from faulty workmanship and supplies warranties to all work they have carried out.

In the last 15 years with the introductions of new building products many properties have physically suffered from a lack of attention to detail and correct knowledge in both application and suitability when using these new products. Our team at 电竞王者注册直播(电竞王者抽注今日) Build are experts in building and construction and know the correct selection of material, building process and application to ensure long lasting building finishes.


INKERMAN ST, CAULFIELD - This project involved the renovation of a 2 bedroom unit to include a modernisation of the kitchen and appliances, a complete remodel of the bathroom, and contemporary refurbishment throughout.

After renovation (above) - click images to view gallery
Before renovation (below)

EXAMPLES OF MAINTENANCE WORK - click images to view gallery

FURTHER EXAMPLES OF RENOVATION WORK - click images to view gallery

THE CRESCENT, SASSAFRASS - This project involved the renovation of a double garage into a extra living / entertaining space and the renovation of a bathroom to include a new vanity, marble tiled walls and designer fittings.